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DAST is a family-owned company in the 3rd generation. With around 50 employees, DAST advises, designs and manufactures with modern production equipment. The product portfolio includes prototype and series production tools for sheet metal forming, foam moulds, SMC and RTM moulds, blow moulds and thermoforming moulds. Jigs, models and the mechanical production of one-off parts and small series round off the spectrum.

We handle dimensions from “small” up to approx. 10,000 x 4,000 mm and start with lot size 1. It makes no difference whether steel, tool steel, hardened steel, standard or high-strength aluminium, stainless steel (VA), plastic or other materials are needed for your specific application.

Competence, flexibility and care are the cornerstones of the high quality of the tools and moulds and of the solutions that help to avoid incalculable follow-up costs.


Our service areas include engineering, manufacturing, assembly and quality assurance.


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