CAD engineering

The close cooperation with our customers starts right at the beginning of the process chain, in the development phase. In order to ensure that our customers' production processes run smoothly, DAST combines practical know-how with the latest design technologies in the development of their tools. The coordinated tool concepts determine quality, price and deadline.

Design and manufacturing from a single source means for our customers: A closed-centre and flexible process chain that minimises errors and saves time.


Virtual validation through forming simulations (drawing / post-forming / springback) of your parts.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we look very closely for creasing, cracking or thinning of the material.

The simulation enables the forming process to be positively influenced at a very early stage.

We use CATIA V5, Siemens NX and Tebis to design

  • Prototype tools
  • Mould making
  • Cubing
  • Gauge production
  • Jig construction
  • Surface design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Incorporation of component changes

DAST GmbH & Co. KG has the latest 3D programming workstations using Tebis and Delcam. Our committed and competent employees form the interface for a perfect know-how transfer between programming and production.

The use of simulation technologies supports the interdepartmental know-how and ensures smooth and competent CNC machining.

The quality awareness of our employees in CAM programming forms the basis for the high-quality results in our production.

Range of services:

  • 2.5 D drilling and milling
  • 3+2-axis milling
  • 5-axis trimming
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling

Data format

  • Catia V5 R24
  • Tebis
  • Igs
  • Step
  • Siemens NX11

Data exchange

  • OFDP 2
  • DAST data server (SSL encryption)
Manufacturing & assembly

The latest machines with future technology are the basis for higher efficiency in the working process and the quality standard that you will find in the product and that will give you a good feeling for a long time.

Sheet metal forming & trimming tools

Whether prototypes, small series or series tools: Do you need a partner for holistic solutions or an extended workbench? Then you’ve come to the right address with your project!

Our specialisation includes predominantly tools for the production of outer skin parts, such as side walls, bonnets, roofs, wings, doors and tools for structural parts and much more.

Starting with the cutting of the blanks through the drawing and folding, trimming and punching with slider functions, calibration and post-forming, tapping punches and folding beds.

The scope of services includes:

  • Simulation and engineering
  • Material procurement (castings and ingots, standard and purchased parts)
  • Large-part machining
  • Small-part machining (blades, jaws, inserts)
  • Assembly, function testing using a 120 tonne spotting press
  • Surface finishing

Hydroforming moulds

Tools that provide the best results and high satisfaction under high pressure.

With know-how and technical innovation, our team guarantees optimum solutions tailored to the respective task, driven by the desire to achieve the best result for every area of application.

Foaming moulds for:

  • PE parts
  • PUR parts
  • EPP parts
  • RIM


  • RTM moulds
  • RTM light moulds
  • SMC moulds
  • GMT moulds

Tools for the production of aluminium castings

  • Die-casting moulds
  • Mould tools

Deep drawing tools & thermoforming

Depending on the requirements, thermoforming moulds are made of ureol (polyurethane and epoxy resin) from the solid material for prototypes and small production runs.

Aluminium ingots, cast aluminium or volume casting are used for series production moulds or for large quantities.

Cast aluminium allows near-net-shape, efficient heat treatment that has a positive effect on the whole process.

  • Thermoforming moulds
  • Twin-sheet moulds

Jig construction

  • Measuring devices
  • Test gauges
  • Positioning devices
  • Assembly devices
  • Trimming devices
  • Vacuum clamping devices
  • Clamping, drilling and bending devices
  • Gluing devices

Composites & design model making

At DAST, your ideas and projects find a partner to support you with experience, know-how and passion - from the idea through to series production.

The product portfolio starts with the simple ureol moulds for hand laminates through moulds for use in autoclaves up to prototypes, design models and illustrative models.

  • Machining of different block materials made of polyurethane and epoxy resin for master models and simple moulds for prototype production
  • Milling of foams and foam cores

Large part machining
Single part & small series machining
Machining of castings

from lot size 1 - n

Your application meets quality and cost-effectiveness - our core in milling.

A continuous Tebis CAM process across the 2.5D / 3D / 3+2-axis and 5-axis simultaneous machining and production controlled and managed with EVOMECS ensures a high degree of digitization that enables us to quickly and flexibly respond to your projects.

  • Blades / jaws / inserts for mould making
  • Mould inserts
  • Injection and ejector side
  • Milled prototype parts
  • Design parts
  • ...

We can handle any material

  • Aluminium
  • High-strength aluminium
  • Cast aluminium
  • Steel billet material
  • Tool steel
  • Hardened steel
  • Cast steel (GGG)
  • Grey cast iron (GG)
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Titanium alloys
Quality assurance

We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of the manufactured tools, moulds and jigs.

  • Wenzel LH1010
  • Wenzel 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • LH 1010 system
  • X/Y/Z travel 2000 x 1000 x 1000
  • Faro Platinum P10.02 measuring arm
  • Nikon MCAx measuring arm
  • 6-axis, measuring diameter 3 m
  • Nikon MMDx 3D scanner
  • Artec Eva hand-held scanner

Our services:

  • Tactile and optical measurements in 3D
  • Single and series measurements
  • Part inspection / comparison of target values and actual value with CAD models
  • Calibration of test gauges and fixtures
  • 3D digitization of objects of different sizes and precisions

Quality & dependability

Set out only with people who are on the same mission as you!

We are certified according to:

ISO 9001

The following certification is in preparation:

ISO 14001